A Man of Words

A Man of Words


"A MAN OF WORDS" (from Writing Arthur Danby) is sung by Arthur Danby, a shy, reclusive who hasn't walked outside the door of his Boston bookstore/home in 32 years. Arthur has constructed a life of seclusion, wherein he exchanges the fewest words possible with his dwindling customer base. This doesn't really concern him as he is secretly and entirely obsessed with a book he's been writing since he was 8 years old. It's about a girl named Allana and her oddball Irish family and friends in a tiny place called Bell Hollow. Nothing exists outside the 40 foot wall surrounding the town that never goes dark because there are two suns in the sky. Things only get stranger from there.

This song is brought on by Hannah Dupree, Arthur's next door neighbor. A 2nd grade teacher by trade, Hannah stops by the bookstore every morning and night to give Arthur a hand. She is the sole person with whom Arthur is able to remotely communicate. They have an odd little friendship and understanding. But, tonight is different. In a huge break from their patterned routine, Hannah has accidentally discovered that it's the very private Arthur's 40th Birthday. After an intensely awkward exchange, Arthur veers them back on course and sends Hannah home for the evening.

Alone in his bookstore, he turns out the lights and locks up as he sings about the secret life he lives writing Bell Hollow.... a world Hannah knows nothing about.

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